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April 5: Rising from the city of oranges, Nagpur Khizar Hussain Stepped into fashion choreography at the age of 17, where he did some college shows. After completing his engineering, he decided not to follow sheep heard and skipped the 9-5 job option. He had a strong will to pursue his passion though it was a difficult phase as lack of financial sources and industry exposure was the real problem, yet he continued what he always loved.

 Khizar has come a long way, starting from college and intercollegiate festival Choreography to prestigious fashion shows, beauty pageants and designer couture shows.

 A journey of 12 years with a lot of hard work, sacrifices and dedication, a pathway that was never straight and clear with lots of difficulties and pain. His journey includes starting as a fresher, and now it has evolved where he is supporting upcoming faces of the industry. He is also known for his dedication to work, where he has chosen to be identified as a fashion choreographer with his name. 

His name is associated with so many fashions shows. Some of them are Asian designer week, U n I international fashion week, India glam fashion week, Diadem Ms and Mrs India, Ms and Mrs India Planet, and Lakme launchpad for Inifd institute, Couture shows for various designers. He also represented India at Fashion Feathers Radio Station USA as a fashion technocrat, And for his gradual and continuous dedication at work, he was Earlier awarded HFF awards.

Recently he worked on a grand fashion event at the much talked about Indian Pavilion in Expo 2020 in Dubai. The expo exhibited a variety of Indian art, culture, and business. It was done by CD Foundation and curated by Starlife Hyderabad. Mr Khizar was the only Indian show director at the event. The show was attended by whos who of the fashion industry. And it represented the heritage yet modern fashion of India.

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