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In the modern world of E-commerce, OMBIKA would be your saviour!

April 4: In the Indian market, the e-commerce industry has a bright future. Because, due to a lack of time on our hands all Indians will be switching to online purchasing rather than shopping in a real market. That is why new e-commerce platforms are entering the Indian industry, despite the fact that there are already a plethora of marketplaces with significant market share and confidence.

The entry of newcomers to the e-commerce market, combined with the existence of old and large players in the industry, has created fierce competition for success. When there is rivalry among industry actors, only the consumer’s profit. In light of the foregoing competitive environment, OMBIKA was founded in 2019 with the goal of providing excellent service to both vendors and buyers. Their main goals are to protect both vendors and purchasers from the e-commerce industry’s scammers.

On the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, OMBIKA’s E-Marketplace was launched with the blessing of God “Ganesha” on September 2, 2019. Their MD, Mr. Om Prakash is based on Mumbai and he has extensive experience in fraud detection, risk management, and investigation. Initially, they developed a national e-marketplace for Indian sellers and buyers, where they are steadily climbing the success ladder with the help and trust of the Indian audience. They also have planned to establish the Local e-Marketplace after a successful three years in the industry, bearing in mind the expansion of small Indian enterprises from all across India.

OMBIKA’s team is working hard and on a war footing to add all Indian businesses (large and small) to the marketplace, based on seller interest. They hope that all Indian enterprises will soon join them, because it will be a great success altogether. Because OMBIKA has earned the trust of Indians after a successful three years in the e-commerce market. It has become a Symbol of Trust for Indian Online Shoppers and Online Sellers as a result of their efforts and effective marketing techniques.

OMBIKA is India’s shopping capital.

OMBIKA is a 100% Indian e-commerce platform.

OMBIKA is a platform for online buying and selling.

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