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C & B is organising a panel discussion with BSE experts and entrepreneurs who have travelled the IPO journey on “Capital and Growth of SMEs of India” this April along with Madras Management Association

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], April 1: The SME sector in India has emerged as a dynamic and highly vibrant sector of the Indian economy in the last five decades. There is an estimation of more than 63 million SMEs in India which employs a workforce of around 106 million, forming a key pillar of the Indian economy.

With the path-breaking initiative towards bringing about a more transparent taxation process by the Government of India along with the Make in India campaign, the Indian business sector has received an impetus to boost the SME sector in the country.

The growth of an organisation is inevitably a positive change. It also brings with it certain challenges such as handling and optimising resources like money, manpower, inventory, an adaptation of technology, etc. Such challenges have to be dealt with expertise and a planned approach to create a better impact and drive organisational change. While the business and entrepreneurial skills help in growth and innovation, financial and management expertise & skills help get a bird-eye view to understand the nuances related to return on investments, handling operational challenges, implementing new processes, dealing with human resources, etc.

With an experience of 24 years, Consulting and Beyond (C&B) team supports SMEs in the areas of Budgeting and Profit Maximization, Inventory Optimisation, Debt structuring, GST Advisory, Valuation and Equity Fund Raising, Monthly Financial and SOP Audits, thereby becoming their catalyst for growth. The USP of the organisation is their courage to implement solutions at the ground level by bringing together the client and employees throughout the engagement journey, as reiterated by Umesh Golecha, founder of C&B, “Our work starts where other consultants typically stop“.

Consulting and Beyond is a name to be reckoned with in the field of advisory firms to family-managed SME businesses. Founded by Umesh Golecha, a Chartered Accountant & Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and Rathandeep Umesh, an MBA, certified business valuer and executive program professional from IIM Calcutta, it is one of the most successful financial advisory firms due to their innovative and solution-driven approach to implement ideas and convert them into reality. The success of the organisation’s client matrix is measured by high retention that is accomplished year-on-year and a huge majority of the new client through referrals from existing clients.

Some of their success stories and testimonies can be witnessed in the form of scale-up of retail chain more than three times over five years; winning accolades by one of the clients in manufacturing for the best brand of South India through operational efficiency at their plant; several successful implementations of full-fledged ERP in tier 2 & 3 cities of Tamil Nadu. During the recent pandemic of COVID 19, the finance team of C&B has helped many organisations acquire profits despite occupational disruptions through a professional business plan and thoughtful fund management strategy curated to their requirements. More than 700 Crore of funding liaised through debt over the years along with the above. Valuation of SME is still a very nascent industry, and it will see its growth with more private company transactions and buy-sell transactions of family-owned businesses.

C&B derives its strength through a strong professional team of over 75 members, with most of the leadership team being associated with the founders for a long period. Good team-building measures, strong processes in executing projects, along with periodic training of resources have made all these possible over the years. The organisation’s philosophy is rooted in their guru Mahatria’s reinforcement, “change is the only constant” that drives the entire team and makes them stand apart from other organisations in the Management and financial consulting space.

Based on the history of success, C&B is now rightly placed to take the SMEs to the next level by implementing operational changes, improving their finances, enabling them to create wealth for their business through IPOS.  With Management consulting and financial advisory services as key offerings, C&B always looks for growth-focused entrepreneurs willing to create business legacies in their industry. As an organisation, they take pride in retaining their existing clientele portfolio and expanding their association with new ones. Their positive and pragmatic approach has made them one of the industry’s most sought-after consultants.

Apart from the services they offer, they also organise knowledge-sharing webinars/workshops for industry stakeholders as well as for upcoming financial experts.

They are organising a panel discussion with BSE experts and entrepreneurs who have travelled the IPO journey on “Capital and Growth of SMEs of India” on 12th April 2022 along with Madras Management Association at Chennai from 6-7 pm.

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