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March 29: If you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance and would like to continue to push yourself, or a person seeking nutritional advice for a medical condition or weight issues and want to make a significant change in your eating habits and lifestyle, you need to get in touch with NutrifyMyDiet, India’s one-stop-shop for health and wellness through nutrition.

NutrifyMyDiet was established in 2016 by Shona Prabhu, a reputed sports & celebrity nutritionist, and Lester Cutinha, her husband, who brings substantial expertise in operations.

The company, since its inception in 2016, has worked with clients ranging from the Delhi Capitals IPL Team in 2021 to the National Men’s & Women’s’ Hockey teams from 2016 up to the Tokyo Olympics, Junior, National and Olympic-level athletes, founders, senior-level executives, working professionals, homemakers, children, corporates, and schools to understand the true power of food by providing sustainable and straightforward nutrition plans and make healthy eating a way of life.

The company follows the motto, “Following a healthy lifestyle and nutrition is not something you do just to add years to your life but to add life to your years.”

Shona Prabhu, the co-founder of NutrifyMyDiet, has a rich experience of over a decade in nutrition and wellness. Shona, who has earned a Master’s degree in sports, exercise, and nutrition from Loughborough University—a premier institution for sports nutrition, finds joy in helping people make a meaningful difference in their lives.

According to Shona, the USP of NutrifyMyDiet is its dedicated team of nutritionists passionate about helping their clients achieve and maintain their long-term wellness objectives. They empower clients to understand the real power of food by providing sustainable and straightforward nutrition plans and enabling them to achieve desired performance goals and make healthy eating their way of life.

“We want to make NutrifyMyDiet a reputed brand for athletes for their sports nutrition and expand the online nutrition counselling services across India and overseas. We aspire to become the number one customised and sustainable nutrition service provider in India,” says Shona.

According to Shona, Lester Cutinha, having worked with multiple start-ups, leads the sales and operations of the company. He has worked with companies like Flipkart, Tesco, etc., to name a few. Lester’s also a passionate sports fan.

NutrifyMyDiet offers different packages in its nutrition and wellness programs. The nutrition programs include sports nutrition, kids’ nutrition, weight management, and therapeutic nutrition. Beauty and wellness programs include holistic health, gut health, skincare, and wedding glow.

Moreover, NutrifyMyDiet has been running various programs at different institutions, such as corporate seminars, school workshops, workshops at sports academies, and community events.

In his testimony, Vishal Kumar, a State Level Cricketer, says, “Through the nutrition program, my height and weight increased, chances of getting injured reduced, and my energy and recovery levels were excellent. I would recommend NutrifyMyDiet for anyone wanting to reach the top of their game.”

Krithik Maknur, a Tennis Player, says, “I learned about the importance of nutrition in terms of what to eat when to eat, and how to eat to get the nutrients I need to stay healthy and fit for my sport. NutrifyMyDiet has always been there when I need them with their follow-ups that have helped me, and I’m sure they will be there for you.”

Tejaswin Shankar, National High Jump Record Holder, says, “Nutrition in a sportsman’s life is one of the key elements to high performance. It can be a MAKE-or-BREAK thing, and I have experienced it. Thank you very much Shona ma’am and NutrifyMyDiet, for teaching me this basic thumb rule. It was great fun working with you and, of course, a valuable learning experience.”

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