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About 10 thousand devotees are expected to visit; Food to be arranged in the nearby Prasad Mandap

 March 17: Under the aegis of Pujya Shri Morari Bapu, yet another ‘Ramkatha’ is all set to be organized for the second time in the same year in Vagad panthak from 19th March at Dholavira in Gujarat, which is one of the important historical places in the world. Earlier, ‘Ramkatha’ was organized at the historical Vrajvani Sati Mandir in Rapar during the second week of February. Now, almost a month later, ‘Ramakatha’ will be held in Vagad Panthak.

 ‘Ramakatha’ will be inaugurated at 4 PM on Saturday 19th March amid the beautiful scenery complemented by desert, hills and a stunning seashore. After this, all devotees will be immersed in the glory of ‘Ramkatha’ starting from 20th March to 27th March between 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM every day.

 Pravinbhai Kanjibhav Tanna is the primary host of the Ramakatha, who was also present at Vrajvani in February. He said, “Ramakatha will be organized as per the Covid guidelines.”

 A large number of people and devotees are expected to visit this Ramakatha. Huge mandaps (canopies) are being set up at the Sunset Point in the lap of desert and beautiful hills at Bhanjada dada’s temple, just 8 km from the historic Harappan site of Dholavira. This huge mandap can accommodate about 10 thousand listeners. Another ‘mandap’ for ‘Prabhu Prasad’ is being erected next to Katha Mandap, where thousands of people will receive prasad together.

 All the Dholavira ‘Ramakatha’ Committee members are giving their invaluable support for the successful execution of this entire event.