New Delhi (India), March 7: Until a while ago, it was a known stereotype that women were incapable of running a successful business. That they should focus on taking care of the family, children and home while the man earns and runs the household. Women were perceived as emotional and incapable of entering the harsh business world.

However, every woman defies this preconception and prejudice in today’s world. Several women have taken steps in this direction by entering the business field. Starting from the ground up, learning everything, planning and re-planning and persevering even in the face of adversity.

The Vocal for Local app has successfully helped thousands of women revolutionise and scale their businesses. Change, opportunities, reinvention, and convenience are all part of Vocal For Local. Unlike any other, it’s a mobile app that acts as a marketplace for thousands of home business owners to sell their products. Their objective is to build a user-friendly platform for home entrepreneurs to promote their talents and brands to a larger audience. They want to make the entire discovery process from discovery to delivery as simple as possible. It’s the easiest thing to do by simply downloading the app from your App Store or Google Playstore!

Women empowerment has always been a priority for Vocal For Local’s founders, Mihir Turakhia and Chaitanya Davda. Vocal For Local supports small businesses and home entrepreneurs. The app has evolved into a valuable resource for women who want to establish a home business without any hassle. It has three areas of expertise: food, beauty, and handicrafts. It’s a free app that allows women from any strata of society to get started without worrying about paying a registration fee.

Various small businesses have successfully achieved a wider audience with this app. Even consumers who enjoy unique and homemade products have a single location to browse. It’s a one-of-a-kind network for home entrepreneurs that’s kept small businesses afloat, even amid the pandemic.

There is a 94-year-old woman who created her own business and sells with Vocal For Local! Some ladies began during the lockdown and received their first customers practically immediately with the help of the app.

Another business owner sells ice cream cone waffles, savoury waffles, and sandwiches on the platform. She claims that Vocal For Local has immensely benefited her in reaching a wider audience with her products as a home entrepreneur.

After discovering the ‘Sindhi Potli’ pickle, a young entrepreneur discovered her calling. Despite the pandemic, she decided to start her own home business.

Another fun one we found was a ‘saas-bahu’ duo who sells home-cooked meals! Many people have been inspired by their journey. They were able to shatter the myth that mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law can’t get along!

You’ll come across several entrepreneurs selling handmade skincare, haircare, and even cosmetics! It’s encouraged entrepreneurs of all ages, from young adults to elderly grandmothers to express and showcase their talents on the app. Vocal For Local has evolved as a platform, a community, and a family. They’ve assisted thousands of women in achieving their goals and encouraged them to keep going.

This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the day’s true meaning. Gift the women in your life independence and let them be part of a platform dedicated to helping India grow. One home at a time. That’s why HOME Hongey Kaamyaab!