Nicolas Assy, aka @assynicolas, a rising multipreneur from Chtoura, Lebanon, is on his way to growing his new NFT collection and wants others to join in the Defi revolution.

February 25: Over the years, we have heard and read about umpteen numbers of articles and blogs about the growing digital financial world. A few years back, people did not even know that the Defi world would one day become a phenomenon and would motivate millions worldwide to be a part of the industry, promising them incredible rewards and benefits. Individuals and professionals who dive deep into the NFT markets today are happy than ever, for they have realized the true power and potential of the sector and how, if done right, it can transform their lives and turn them into millionaires. However, keeping in mind the volatility of the markets, it is necessary to take one step at a time and move gradually up to the top.

Entrepreneur Nicolas Assy from Lebanon, aka @assynicolas, has come forward to share his views on the same, saying, “More than any other industry today, the kind of momentum and success the NFT space has been garnering has truly spellbound people all around the world.” However, he also points out that everyone is not knowledgeable enough or lacks the right insights to break into the industry. Therefore, he wants to share a few tips that can help up-and-comers to build their career in NFT. He explains that NFTs are unique and not interchangeable tokens and are digital representations of art and collectibles that experience an increase in value over a period of time.

He suggests to first lookout for people in the industry who are already established. It is essential for people to first understand how these pioneers of the industry started their journey and how they walked their way up to reach an influential position. Next, he wants people to understand the importance of staying relevant in the industry. “For that, people must keep an eye on their competitors and see how the NFT markets adapt. So, to stay relevant, they must move forward continuously,” he highlights. Nicolas Assy, who is a multipreneur with being the owner of a dessert shop in Lebanon, and Tiro Assy Chtoura, CEO at Ste Mira Sarl Chtoura and partner at an insurance company, says that people need to keep honing their skills in the NFT space every day to gradually attain expertise in the same and also need to develop patience and resilience for doing that.

Besides that, the entrepreneur suggests people to offer something extraordinary and unique through their NFT projects and collections, which can easily make them stand apart from others in the industry. At last, they must establish themselves and turn into an expert in the NFT space.