February 12: It is for the fact that social media has become an integral part of our lives. Every other person wants to be a known personality on one or the other social media platforms. This desperation is justified by the fame that comes with being an internet sensation. Today we will learn about entrepreneur Felix Ochieng and his journey to becoming one of the great internet sensations. Popularly known by the name “The opposition”, Felix has more than 24 thousand followers on his Twitter handle. His tweets are absolutely loved by his followers because they are really funny, absurd and knowledgeable all in one. He has recently joined YouTube, where he is building his community day by day. Felix’s YouTube is all about funny videos and shorts. You can subscribe to his YouTube here.

Unlike other internet sensation entrepreneurs, Felix has seen a very poor childhood. He was born and brought up in Kenya and started his Entrepreneurial Journey to be able to earn bread and butter. With his sheer hard work, talent and unbeatable will to work, he has reached where he is now.

Entrepreneur Felix always has a very absurd and funny point of view and everything, and when he started posting those on YouTube, it was loved by the Twitter community a lot, and he used to get good responses; this way, his journey started. “To follow your dreams is one thing, and getting to know your inner calling is another ”, says Felix. He believes that it is not necessary that whatever you dream is correct for you; many times, it happens that a dream is not really just; you need to find your inner calling before you start anything. If you can realise what your inner calling is, it becomes comparatively easy for you to be successful and rich.

Rather than blindly following the Influencer’s and enjoying their content, one must learn how they actually became so successful. This not only helps us gain experience and expertise for our own endeavours but also teaches us what the new possibilities around us are. Entrepreneur Felix has been a source of inspiration for his locality and a thousand of people on the internet too.