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February 4: It is said that small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. This seems to fit the story of a doctor who persevered to provide definite cure for a rather common but permanent ailment. When Dr. M V Ural witnessed the suffering of his hospitalized relative awaiting treatment for months at a time in a renowned establishment, and many others with the same complaints, he set out on an arduous journey. The case was of Varicose veins, which is increasingly seen across all age groups.

Hailing from the coastal district of Udupi in Karnataka, Dr. M V Ural graduated with B.A.M.S degree from A.L.N Rao Memorial Ayurvedic medical College, Koppa in the neighbouring Chikkamagaluru district. Always keen on learning, he has conversed and learnt from folklore practitioners of many districts and knows several distinctive traditional ways of healing. His zeal to this day is providing best possible remedies using simple formulations, at affordable costs in managing chronic diseases.

As the saying goes, first comes the thought; then organization of that thought into ideas and plans and then transformation of those plans into reality. Dr. M V Ural took note of the disease spectrum of Varicose veins, its complications and the agony filled long periods of waiting that the patients and their families endured from months to years with little success. With severe complications such as amputation of toes or even the leg as whole, Varicose veins pose a significant threat to the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual. Itinfluenced their jobs, financial and social status as well as made them dependent on others for the rest of their lives. In the next 15 years, Dr. M V Ural threw himself into research for the “Effective management of varicose veins and its complications”. The consistent efforts and continuous refining has lead to the accomplishment of a protocol called “Dr. URAL’S Varicose Veins Care”.

During his research, he studied signs and symptoms of Varicose veins, Hyper-pigmentation, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Venous ulcers etc. He noticed the vulnerability amongst people whose profession or nature of work demanded standing or sitting for extended periods of time. This included people working in or as Security, Teachers, Sales and Marketing personnel, Police, Agriculturists, Construction workers, Drivers, Hospital staff, Desk jobs. Those with health complications such as obesity, chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, post pregnancy complications etc., were also on the list.

After a comprehensive search and understanding of these concepts across treatises in Ayurveda and contemporary literature, Dr. M V Ural involved himself actively in constant discussions with peers, traditional practitioners, research laboratories and other successful clinicians. This led him to understand, formulate, refine, and apply the traditional and clinical techniques to manage various stages and complications of varicose veins. With his wide-ranging knowledge over 15 years, Dr. M V Ural introduced a unique set of poly-herbal formulations at affordable prices. As a result, he is able to successfully provide better relief to the patients at all stages of varicose veins without surgery, including post-surgical complications.

Dr.M V Ural is now considered the beacon of hope by patients not just in India but across the world for his expertise. His unique way of engaging with the patients with compassion and concern has drawn in people who have exhausted means and hopes, who return with a smile and cure of their chronic ailments.

With an increase in incidences of varicose veins, the doctor foresaw the need for education and awareness. This laid the foundation of “Varicose Veins Free Society”. Dr. Ural believes in prevention as the first step, followed by detection at early stages. For this, he charted out the causes such as lifestyle conditions, occupational hazards, diseases of the abdomen etc. Further, illustrating very early signs and symptoms is used to section out the vulnerable groups and prevent escalation of the disease. Dr. M V Ural has been keen on patient welfare. He shares simple techniques and remedies to boost the morale and check the progression of varicose veins. Through PowerPoint presentations, short videos and other educational material, he has worked in tandem with associations such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Educational institutes, MNCs etc., for free and shares his techniques to optimise calf muscle function and to reduce abdominal pressure by addressing constipation, obesity and during pregnancy. These are formulated in such a way that one can practise these whilst working without interrupting the work flow and balance.

The immense success of Dr. M V Ural’s remedies and techniques brought him the opportunity to work in a project helping our Police force, especially those under the Traffic division. These personnel work day and night, and are on their feet for most of their career. Dr. Ural has successfully conducted free camps of consultation and awareness for the Police workforce in two districts in Karnataka – Chikkamagaluru and Mangalore; and the same will be extended across the state in coming days.

As the demand rose, more pairs of competent hands were required. To fulfil this need, Dr. M V Ural has started training skills tophysicians. He also shares his opinions and ideas with peer groups enthusiastically. This has extended the reach of Varicose Veins Free Society campaign across and beyond the state borders. Due to his expertise and willingness to teach, Dr. M V Ural has been able to establish 9 branches in Karnataka (Mysore, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Bellary, Raichur, Hassan, Kushalnagar, Kolar and Bidar), 2 in Telangana (Hyderabad and Narayanpet) and 1 in Maharashtra (Pune) within a year. The head office is located in the scenic town of Sringeri, the abode of Shri Sharada, the deity of knowledge and learning, and a place sanctified by the revered saint Shri Adi Shankaracharya.

It remains to say that it’s not about ideas alone, but about making the ideas happen. Dr. M V Ural is the embodiment of this quote. What began as a spark within him has now resulted in a one-stop solution for many. His perseverance, hunger for knowledge, concern for the needy and visionary nature will inspire Ayurveda practitioners for decades to come.

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