New Delhi (India), February 2: Genius students across the globe compete to win Champion, Gold and Silver titles at the 7th International Brainobrain Abacus Competition 2022, held on 29th January, online.

Brainobrain conducted the most acclaimed global event of the year on skills and mathematical ability assessment. On this online event, 23537 students from 72 countries participated to win various winning titles. This competition is designed for the students of Brainobrain International, who are part of Brainobrain’s abacus course for kids.

Kids participating in the Brainobrain International Online Competition solves sixty complex sums within four minutes. Junior kids derive the answers using the abacus tool, while elder children derive answers through mental arithmetic skills. Children who present the answers with maximum speed and accuracy are declared as winners in this international competition.

“When my son Jaden’s teacher suggested about Brainobrain Course, I could easily locate their abacus class near me, as they have lots of branches. He is a student of Brainobrain for the past one year. Needless to say, this has become one of the best extra-curricular activities of Jaden. I have observed that his confidence and concentration skills have increased manifold, especially during the practice sessions of Brainobrain Abacus Competition. This is something that caught my curiosity. Because, normally, kids would get nervous and be afraid during any exam. But, Brainobrain’s competition itself is strengthening their skills. In these unfortunate times, children need such events to reinstate their winning spirits”, says Mr Gerald, a parent from Dubai.

Pandemics has brought in far-reaching changes in all aspects of our lives. Education is one of the sectors which underwent a paradigm shift with innovative strategies, in implementing quick alternatives and in reaching out the students all across the globe. Assessment methods were reinvented, evaluation processes were reformed and active participation methodologies were approached even by conventional institutions. This transformation has been phenomenal in terms of adaptation from the students and implementation from the institutions.

Brainobrain was way ahead in identifying the potential of e-learning platforms in reaching out to a larger student base and also in effectively introducing its personality development programme for kids to some of the untapped pockets of the globe. Brainobrain’s unique approach was well received all over, which continues to yield astounding results by bringing out the best in every student and by keeping their performance levels high despite the pandemic circumstances.

Mr. Anand Subramaniam, CEO, Brainobrain Kids Academy said, “Unlike being a mere catalyst, we at Brainobrain continuously push ourselves in understanding young minds. When we started to create franchisee opportunities, within no time, it became an ideal part-time business opportunity for women. Our women entrepreneurs have been quite successful in providing differential methodologies that ensure active voluntary participation from the young leaders. Brainobrain research team will continue to strive hard in bringing out the best from the young aspiring leaders. Our handholding will certainly help in shaping them for the future”.

Brainobrain’s Advanced Abacus Skill Development Programme for 4-14years children is designed to tap the hidden potentials of our young children, thus empowering the future leaders and young geniuses in them.

Brainobrain Course mainly focuses on developing Brain Skills, Life Skills and NLP Skills through carefully crafted syllabus and modules. Brainobrain is empowering the young geniuses of 75+ countries through 975 franchise centres. It has transformed the lives of more than 400,000 children worldwide through its high-quality programmes.

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