February 01: There is a wave of entrepreneurship in the whole world. Though the biggest ripples are only made by such able entrepreneurs who have worked hard to get where they actually are. Bilal Kazi is one such name. Bilal is the founder and CEO of Gulf Good News which is one the most clicked news websites in the gulf. Gulf Good News has more than 72k followers on instagram. He is also the founder of Bahrain Bloggers Group, a web page solely dedicated for the people to share their content.

The position where Bilal Kazi stands today is a position he has toiled hard for his life. Bilal Kazi studied hotel management and he started his journey in 2013 as a food blogger. The ace entrepreneur who hails from Bahrain, saw great opportunity in the field of marketing in Bahrain, hence he started his career as a Marketer and worked close to many big press and PR firms. He has the experience of working for hundreds of celebrities during his time as marketer. He gradually started his own Marketing Agency and also grew his name in the web space as Blogger and Affiliate Marketing. He had worked throughout India specially for top celebs in Mumbai and Bahrain.

Airing his own wews website was like a dream come true for Bilal and he sees the Gulf Good News as one of the most prominent news sources in the coming future. This is certainly going to be true because looking at the potential of Bilal and his experience in the field of media it can be set for a fact that the content in gulf good news comes after many checkpoints. It is also evident by the number of followers of “gulf good news” on Instagram which is a whooping 72k. If you wish you seek guidance from this Genius Entrepreneur you can follow him on his Instagram where he constantly gives tips and motivation for the young and budding entrepreneurs.