Provides food packages to over 2800 people

Donates sweaters to over 2800 people

 Udaipur (Rajasthan) [India], January 29: Prince of Udaipur, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar has successfully entered the Guinness World Record books twice this year, this time for 2 great causes. He achieved the record of providing the ‘longest line of hunger relief packages’ by providing food packages to over 2800 people. He also entered the record books for the ‘Largest donation of sweaters’ with over 2800 sweaters donated within a single day.

COVID-19, started as health crisis in India; however quickly turned in to livelihood, hunger and malnutrition catastrophe. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a food shortage in India, disrupting local, regional and national food supply chains. This also impacted India’s position in the Global Hunger Index at a very low number of 101 out of 116 countries. Lakshyaraj is committed to solving India’s hunger issues, and he has started off by donating hunger relief packages to over 2800 people.

Lakshyaraj also took notice of the growing cold wave in India, which severely impacts the health and overall well-being of the less privileged. In the past 2 months, North India is experiencing a severe cold wave, with temperatures plunging below freezing levels in some areas. Aside from workers, farmers and small street vendors are also highly affected due to cold waves, which has an adverse impact on their livelihood and thereby, on the country’s overall economy. Focussing on this serious issue, Lakshyaraj went on a sweater donation spree and donated to over 2800 people within a day.

With these 2 records, Lakshyaraj now has the unique achievement of having entered the Guinness World Record for the 6th time within 4 years. All the records that have been bestowed on Lakshyaraj have been in the field of philanthropy. Speaking on his unique achievement, Lakshyaraj said, “Despite being born into royalty, my upbringing has always led me to help those who are in need. The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on every Indian household in terms of managing health, finances and livelihood. I wanted to make sure that we take care of the immediate people in our community by focussing on their food requirements and by providing them warm clothes for the winter season. Going forward, I hope that someone out there could do better and break my records and reach out to more and more people who are in need.”

The year 2019 saw Lakshyaraj entering the prestigious record books for the first time ever through a unique public campaign called ‘Vastradaan’ when 3,29,250 clothes were collected for the underprivileged. Later, Lakshyaraj was awarded the second Guinness World Record for collecting over 20 tonnes of stationery items for needy students within 24 hours. In January 2020, Mr Lakshyaraj had initiated a unique “Go Green” initiative called “Vriksh Hi Jeevan Abhiyaan”, which has earned him the third Guinness World Record. During this public campaign, thousands of school students, Indian Army personnel and citizens from all walks of life participated, and 4035 saplings were potted in 20 seconds. Finally, in 2021, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar achieved the record title for most personal hygiene products donated in one hour in Udaipur, India, with over 12,508 products.

Lakshyaraj continues to lead the way in India as far as philanthropy is concerned. He is passionate about community welfare activities and is consistently launching public campaigns to enhance the overall lifestyle of the people in his community in Udaipur.

About Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar:

Philanthropist, Educationist, Sports Patron, Business Leader and Six times Guinness World Records Holder. Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur has, since an early age, voluntarily and consciously dedicated himself to public service, upholding the cause of righteousness.He remains committed to building communities, improving the lives of ordinary people, and facilitating the task of nation-building. His belief in working for greatest good of the greatest number stands firm. He has exhibited these rare human qualities which define his identity as a young Indian in service of a self-reliant and resilient India.

Today, at age 36, he has positively impacted, influenced the lives of lakhs of people through philanthropic activities. As President of Maharana Pratap Smarak Samiti, Udaipur, a landmark organisation established by his grandfather Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar, he is upholding ancient legacies and values. He is setting an example for young and aspirational Indians to be independent and respecting India’s heritage. Demonstrating respect and admiration for the Indian Armed Forces, Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur, during the second wave of Covid-19, donated an ambulance to Indian Army stationed at Eklingji Cantonment, Udaipur on 22nd May 2021. With the support of the Superintendent of Police, Udaipur, he initiated the drive to provide food and cereals for the underprivileged and strays.

As Trustee of the Vidyadan Trust managing the Maharana Mewar Public School in Udaipur, Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur has created a stress-free educational environment wherein arts, crafts, music and sports are seamlessly blended with the CBSE curricular. Students and their family members, teachers and staff members of MMPS have benefitted from a creative, innovative environment. Since 2006, Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur has ensured over 10,000 students have become more confident, calmer and happier when they are in school. As our students go out into the world, they are ambassadors of our value systems, he said, adding we are constantly building better, more stronger global citizens.