January 29: “The key to successful leadership is Influence and not authority”. Kuldeep Gurjar, the senior regional leader of congress from Haryana State Legislative Assembly strongly believes in the ideology of influence before authority. Along with Politics, Kuldeep has also started various businesses, so as to provide financial support to the poor section of the society. This Maestro Entrepreneur and Politician is a living example of an ideal citizen of the country.  He has been very actively participating in the Politics since a decade now, and even though he was formerly the State Vice President OBC Department for Haryana Congress and presently the State Secretary of Youth Congress Haryana, he is very down to earth and humble.

He has entered into politics without any support purely on the basis of his own determination and sacrifice. “He is a very influential person amongst the youth of Haryana and he has earned this by working for the youth day and night. Even if people call him at midnight for any kind of help, he eagerly helps them selflessly.” Says one of his co-workers. At a young, age Kuldeep was driven towards making a change in the society. He as a child has been a very radical student. He could never see injustice in the form of his eyes and this is the reason he actively criticised the school and college administration for their mistakes. “When you fight and achieve your rights the value of those rights automatically increases.” This way when Kuldeep fought for his democratic rights he started valuing them more and more. “India is the most democratic country in the world, and if a person is subjected to injustice, be willing to take a firm stance to get justice. You can be 100% sure he will get the Justice sooner or later,” says Kuldeep Gurjar. After student life he started working for the betterment of youth specially from rural areas. Even before joining the Congress party he had already done a lot of ground work as a social activist. Once he joined Congress he got the resources to to things at a better level and this made him the most popular youth icon of Haryana as he actually used his power and position for the betterment of the youth.

At present, this avid entrepreneur and Politician Kuldeep Gurjar, is the Spokesperson of Haryana Congress Party and is constantly working for the Congress party and conducting seminars online and offline so as to enlighten the people about the policies the government has made for them. “Making policies is one thing and executing the policies is another thing. The present BJP government is very good at announcing new policies but it is equally bad when it comes to implementation. If you go to any slum and ask the people about their rights and benefits. I can bet that nobody would answer. When giving benefits to the needy is in question, the present BJP govt fails miserably. The execution system is in the hands of ‘Dalals’ and they take money from the poors to give to them what is actually made for poors free of cost. We at Congress are working constantly to let the poor people get the most out of the existing policies.” Kuldeep Gurjar tells us.

Kuldeep Gurjar has been an integral part of Haryana Congress and by looking at such able leadership, we are sure he is going to take the party to a different scale.