January 29: Dr. Parham Shafe born and brought up in Berlin and also completed his studies there. As a student Dr. Shafe was skeptical about practicing as a Dentist alone at someone’s Else Dentistry but one fine day the Entrepreneur inside him kicked in and he decided to establish his own dentistry. Today Dr. Shafe is here to share with us how with a little courage and determination he was able to build an outstanding Dentistry right near his home.

After completing his studies Dr. Shafe worked for 5 years as an employee in a total of 2 dentist practices. His first practice was where he got to learn the its and bits of dentist practice. His boss there was his mentor and he taught him what the theory in books couldn’t teach. His second practice was at a rather big dentistry where almost 7-8 dentists worked together. Even after that he always had a very busy schedule. It was at the second workplace where he got a realisation and dream of owning his own dentistry. “It was a slow yet sudden realization. At my way to work, there was a perfect space where a Dentistry could be established and the great thing was it was available for rent. Few days I just looked at the space and moved on. I thought my dream of owning a Dentistry was too wild, but with time I was so obsessed with the idea that I wanted to do that at any cost.” Shares Dr. Shafe.

Taking a courageous decision, Dr. Shafe started his Entrepreneurial Journey by signing a lease for that space in the month of February 2016. He toiled hard, gave it all in and finally inaugurated his own Dentistry in the month of July 2016. Today Dr. Parham Shafe is the leading dentist of Berlin. His idea has always been that of quality against quantity and this is why he switched from his 2nd workplace towards Entrepreneurship. This is the reason that his Dentistry is based on the idea of making the patient feel good and comfortable. His Dentistry is very spacious and has an exceptional interior. Almost all rooms contain elements of wood, concrete and copper. They are of high quality and radiate warmth throughout the room, creating a certain living room feeling. Also the whole of interior is designed by Dr. Shafe himself.

As any entrepreneur’s first few days Dr Shafe’s few days after the opening of the dentistry was the same. They were just sitting and waiting for customers in the initial 2-3 days. Then slowly few customers came from the old practices and gradually the number of patients grew. This ace Entrepreneur is a believer of giving proper time to patients and believes that a good time with a doctor can cure a lot of mental confusion of the customer. Hence his goal is to have well- frequented practice rather than a mass practice. He is an idol for a number of young dentists who wish to own a Dentistry. He often shares the testimony of his patients on his instagram at Dr.shafe. He is very helpful and guiding and can open to getting questions and feedback on his instagram. If you wish you are welcome to contact him there.