January 24: When you look at the handsome, charismatic and well-built body of Elias Ustariz on his Instagram, the first thing which might strike our mind regarding his profession is that he is a sassy model, but to your surprise, he is much more. Apart from a Model Elias is a Celebrity Dancer, Choreographer, Instagram Influencer and also a wizard entrepreneur.

Born on April 5, 1992, Elias’s childhood was based in Venezuela. From early childhood Elias was into Dancing and Modeling. He developed his own style of salsa and has been very groovy with his moves.

His Journey as Dancer had won him lots of hearts and awards. His first big award was “Férias de San Sebastian” award for the category of Dancer in 2013, thereafter he won the title of “National Bachata Champion” at Brazil Latin Open in 2015. He also won the title of “National Champion of Improvised Salsa” at King Castro 2016. It was the show “Dança dos Famosos” of Rede Globo TV Brazil which made him viral on social media and the dancing community. He was Finalist of this program in the year of 2018 and won millions of hearts. 

Elias is currently working as a professional Choreographer and Dance Coach for celebrities such as –

  • “Samo”, former member of the group “Camila”, Mexico.
  • Manelyk González, Mexico.
  • Influencer “Tony Boom”, Mexico.
  • Influencer “Trixy Star”, Mexico.

He has also been part of other international projects during his career, some of them are:

  • Brazil Maite Perroni Tour 2016 – Dancer.
  • Recording of the video clip “La Loba” with Raquel Bigorra.
  • Show Las Grandiosas (DVD recording and presentations nationwide, Mexico)
  • Coca-Cola Colors 2018 – Dancer. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Video Clip in collaboration with Alok feat. Mario Bautista 2018 – Dancer / actor. (Brazil)
  • Presentations in Corporate CLARO 2018. (Sao Paulo, Brazil).
  • Cia Nexxus Punta Cana – Performance Festa Latina.

Elias is strong believer of  giving back to the society and he is also doing his bit regarding the same. “As a Young talent, I had no support which I could use for chasing my dreams. I only myself. I practiced day and nigh to reach where I am today. If I could have had one proper guidance it would have changed alot. I feel that all the Dancer, Entrepreneur, models out there need some sort of reassurance and support to work effectively and I want to be that for them”    Hence, At  present this wizard is continuously working towards sharing his skill to the world and conducting Vocational Training around the world. He had been featured in the Television for most of his training and was always loved by the viewers. Some of his recent training were-

  • Ballroom classrooms in “The gold dancers ballroom” Mexico City. (January 2020 – News).
  • Classrooms free of urban rhythms in “World beat” Cd. From Mexico (February – April 2020).
  • Jazz Classrooms with Professor “Choco” (June 2021 – News).

Elias Ustariz also runs Dance Schools and Courses. His most loved Course of Intensive Salsa course at Tropical Gem Studio, with Fernando Souza, Milan, Italy. (Winter 2019), produced star Student who were featured at “LAX Dance Studio”, Paris, France. (Winter 2018-2019). His students have been very successful like him and have always brought him lauratte. Sone of his most famous students are  “Anacã” – Ballet, Jazz, Urban rhythms, Jazz Funk. São Paulo, Brazil. This ace entrepreneur has also conducted “Millenium Brazil”- workshop – Matt Stefaninna, and free classes of urban rhythms – “Soul Art” – Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Forro, Samba, Bolero, Tango. São Paulo, Brazil. – Carine and Rafael Dance School – Salsa. São Paulo, Brazil.

If you want to get connected with Elias you can visit his Instagram @EliasUstariz where he often post visually appealing feeds from around the world as he is a traveller and is often seen flashing his 6 pack abs and twerking to sounds in different reels. He has more than 122k followers on Instagram.