January 21: Edin Dzemat is a professional chef and food consultant from Sweden. He started his career as a chef in 2010 from a restaurant named NOMA situated in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. Ever since, this absolute genius has been stepping up the ladder of success vertically upwards. Just two years later in 2013, he won “This Year’s Werner” a prestigious prize in Sweden for chefs. From 2010-to 2015 he was the semi-finalist of the show “This Years Chef”. He didn’t stop, and in the same year, he even released his first cookbook by the name ‘Edin Dzemat’. He was made the Captain and given the responsibility to lead the Sweden Culinary Team in the same year and henceforth won 2nd place at World Cup in Luxemburg with Swedish Culinary Team in the year 2014. Thereafter he also won the prize ”Rising star” by White Guide for the year 2014. He then became the Ambassador of ‘Global Knives’ in the same year, and the thing just boomed in for him from there on.

This Handsome Chef has had an amazing amazing journey, and all this was built from nothing but sheer hard work. We had a chance to get into conversation with this wizard, and he told us about his past, which was not very attractive, in fact, nobody had such a past and dream of achieving such a wholesome career. “I lived in Bosnia till I was 11 years old, and I have seen the aftereffects of the Bosnian War from my own eyes. I always wanted to be a chef, but Our family was not so financially strong, and I had no support. Thereafter I moved to Sweden to chase my dreams. I was all in for it.” Edin told us. He doesn’t believe in luck or talent- “Hard Work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard – I knew it is me who will have to give 400-450 hours a week to get to my goal, and so I did, and here I am!”.

In the year 2016, he became the Winner of the Swedish TV-program at TV4 ”Kockarnas Kamp”- professional chef’s competition and released his second book ”Gott med Dzemat” in the same year. After that he worked as Gastronomic chef at ”Brasserie by Edz” for the year 2016-2017. In the year 2017, he became TV chef at SVT 1 for the well-known program ”Stjärnorna på slottet”. Since then, he has been the most sought after chef in the whole of Sweden, and hence he started working as a food consultant and took up many advertisement campaigns with many TVs and international organisations like Zacapa, Caterpillar, Tullamore Whiskey and many more.

When asked about – what is his advice for the budding chefs? He told us that- “People should first determine if their goal is really theirs or if it is just a result of pressure from their family and other people. Once they are sure if it is their own goal, then all they have to do is devote their mind and soul to that goal and work tirelessly till they do not achieve their goal. This is the only success mantra”. You can follow him on instagram (https://instagram.com/edindzemat?utm_medium=copy_link ), where he is really active and showcases this amazing life beautifully.