Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], January 5: Forever Star India has organized the biggest beauty pageant and fashion show Forever Miss and Mrs India 2021 at Hotel Marriott from 17th to 20th December in the pink city Jaipur. In which 300 models from different states and cities across the country were crowned in different Categories of Miss India and Mrs India Group1, Mrs India Group2.

The crowning was done after their online rounds based on their performances at City and State Level the Divas finally reaching the goal to win the national title Of Forever Mrs India Group1 and Group2 and Forever Miss India 2021.

Dimpy Jain- winner-Mrs India G2 – Faridabad-Haryana

Hinal Shah Jain-1st Runner Up-Mrs India G2-Mumbai-Maharashtra

Indrani Konwar-2nd Runner Up-Mrs India G2-Ahmedabad-Gujarat

Meenakshi Sharma-Face of the year-Mrs India G2-Udaipur-Rajasthan

Prachi Ravi Choudhary-Plus Size-Mrs India G2-Ahmedabad-Gujarat

Ankita Shetty-Winner-Mrs India G1-Pune-Maharashtra

Sonal Kadam-1st runner-Mrs India G1-Navi Mumbai-Maharashtra

Shweta Bhardwaj-2nd runner up- Mrs India G1-Rampur-Uttar Pradesh

Navita Pawar-Shining Star-Mrs India G1-Hissar Haryana

Dipti ketan loat-Face of the year-Mrs India G1-Indore-Madhya Pradesh

Suchismita-Beauty with Brains-Mrs India G1-Kolkata-West Bengal

Apporva Pramod-Winner-Miss India-Delhi

Tanya Dubey-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Bengaluru-Karnataka

Naomi Reibero-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Mumbai-Maharashtra

Binita Shanker-Miss North East India-Sikkim

Sheron Kalsi-Miss South East India-Odisha

Neha Barwase-Beauty With Brains-Miss India-Bengaluru-Karnataka

Amrita Srivastava-Miss Diva India-Kolkata-West Bengal

Namrata Nath-Miss Brand Ambassador- Kolkata-West Bengal

List Of State Winner:

Nayana Bhalodiya-Winner-Miss India-Gujarat

Saswati Biswas-Brand Ambassador-Mrs India G2-West Bengal

Saloni Gusain-Face of the year-Miss India-Karnataka

Harpreet-Brand Ambassador-Miss India-Maharashtra

Reichal Leanza-Winner-Miss India-Tamil Nadu

Dr Sonali Soner- Brand Ambassador-Miss India-Madhya Pradesh

Smitha Xavier-Winner-Mrs India G1-Kerala

Ankana Pal-Beauty With Brains-Miss India-West Bengal

Glory Kalai-Winner-Miss India-Tripura

Anjali Sanjeev-Winner-Miss India-Kerala

Dr Tilotama-Performer of the year-Miss India-Maharashtra

Kruthika SP-Brand Ambassador-Miss India-Karnataka

Jasmine Rayat- Brand Ambassador-Miss India-Punjab

Hemlata Kashyap-1st Runner up-Miss India-Uttar Pradesh

Richa Garg-Brand Ambassador-Mrs India G2-Uttar Pradesh

Deboshri-Miss Photogenic-Maharashtra

Dr Priyanka Sutariya-Face of the  year-Mrs India G2-Maharashtra

Garima Saxena-Face of the year-Miss India-Gujarat

Swati Bhargava-Winner-Mrs India G2-Uttar Pradesh

Sara Rayees-performer of the year-Miss India-Uttarvpredesh

Deepmala Jaiswal-Face of the year-Mrs India G2-West Bengal

Jenny Koshy-Miss Philanthropist-Miss India-Maharashtra

Sadhna singh-2ndrunnerup-Missindia-Madhya Pradesh

Anshu Srivastava-Brand Ambassador-Mrs G1-Uttarpardesh

Koppaka Mohana Sindhu-winner-Miss India-Andhra Pradesh

Seemantika Banerjee-1st Runner Up-Miss India-West Bengal

Rakshita Agarwal-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Rajasthan

Lipi Malakar-Winner-Miss India-Assam

Shobitha Mallepula-Winner Miss India-Telangana

Rajni Yadav-1st runnerup-Miss India-Delhi

Venus-winner-Miss India-Punjab

Neha Upadhyay-Brand Ambassador-Miss India-Haryana

Daksha Rupani-1strunnerup-Miss India-Karnataka

Gopika Sajikumar-Winner-Mrs IndiaG1-Kerala

Prathema-1st Runner Up-Miss India -Tamil Nadu

Aashi Chariya-Winner-Miss India-Uttar Pradesh

Amritpal Kaur-Winner-Mrs IndiaG1-Goa

Neha Yadav-Brand Ambassador-Mrs India G1-Uttar Pradesh

Anjali Ore-1st Runner Up-Mrs India G1-Madhya Pradesh

Meena Mandal-Winner-Mrs IndiaG2-Madhya Pradesh

Prashasti Gontia-Brand Ambassador-Mrs India G2-Maharashtra

Vishaka Kurup-Face of the year-Miss India-Maharashtra

Prerita Dwivedi-Miss Beautiful Smile-Uttar Pradesh

Prabhati Dass-Brand Ambassador-Miss India-Delhi

Swati Sharma-Face of the year-Mrs India G1-Uttar Pradesh

Rajlaxmi Chavan-Shining Star-Miss India-Maharashtra

Srushtee Kadam-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Maharashtra

Diya Panigrahi-1st Runner Up-Mrs India G1-Maharashtra

Sangita Mozumdar-Winner-Mrs IndiaG2-West Bengal

Simran Kashyap-Winner-Miss India-Rajasthan

Ramyashree-performer of the year-Miss India-Karnataka

Janani Rajarajan-Winner-Mrs India G1-Tamil Nadu

Prabhati Sinha-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Maharashtra

Ria Paul-Winner-Miss India-West Bengal

Asifa Shaikh-Miss Congeniality-Miss India-Maharashtra

Shruti Chotani-Winner-Miss India-Haryana

Dr Vasundhara-Winner-Miss India-Madhya Pradesh

Sarita Jadhav-Winner-Mrs India G2-Maharashtra

Ayantini Sarkhel-Face of the year-Miss India-West Bengal

Dr Rakhi-Winner-Mrs India G2-Tripura

Pardeep Kaur-Winner-Mrs India G1-Punjab

Payel Roy-Miss Glamours-West Bengal

List Of City Winners:

Nandini Ghai-Winner-Miss India-Ludhiana

Simran Saini-Winner-Miss India-Chandigarh

Jais-Winner-Miss India-Jalandhar

Adarsh Upadhyay-Winner-Mrs IndiaG2-Gurugram

Anjulika Patil-Miss India-Mrs IndiaG2-Indore

Isha kumari-Miss India-Ranchi

Dr Santosh Chouhan-Winner-Mrs India-G2-Jaipur

Varsha Kumari-Winner-Miss India-Patna

Dhruti Vyas-Winner-Miss India-Ahmedabad

Sushmita Sharma-Winner-Miss India-gaya

Neha Parakh-Winner-Miss India-Indore

Kalpana Barman-2nd Runner-Mrs India-Group 2-Ahmedabad

Florence Dsouza-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Mumbai

Dr Anupam Bala-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Bokaro

Sangita Pal-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Karauli

Arpan Singh-Winner-Miss India-Gurugram

Gayatri-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Jaipur

Shilpa Thapa-Winner-Mrs India G2-Dehradun

Neetu Singh-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Chandigarh

Priti Pankaj Khandelwal-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Kalyan

Mansi Patil-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Mumbai

Samidha-Winner-Miss India-Patiala

Aishi Bhattacharjee-2nd Runner-Miss India-Kolkata

Sana-Winner-Miss India-Noida

Priyanka Bharat Shah-Winner-Mrs IndiaG2-Ahmedabad

Sunita Sharma-Winner-Mrs IndiaG2-Jodhpur

Pradnya Khobragade-Winner-Miss India-Chandrapur

Priyanka Acharya-Winner-Miss India-Birbhum

Bharati Nial-Winner-Miss India-Koraput

Deboshri Bar-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Chandrapur

Niveditha-Winner-Miss India-Chennai North

Disha Mohanty-Winner-Miss India-Keonjhar

Rajni Yadav-Winner-Miss India-Delhi West

Madhulika-Winner-Miss India-Nagpur

Chetana Sangar-Mrs Photogenic-Mrs India-G1-Thane

Harpreet kaur-Winner-Miss India-Delhi

Vishwa Shah roy-2nd Runner Up-Mrs India-G1-Ahmedabad

Nayana basrani-Winner-Miss India-Kutch

Tabassum Shaikh-Miss Philanthropist-Miss India-pune

Vishaka kurup-Winner-Miss India-navi Mumbai

Sneha Gaikwad-Miss Rising Star-Miss India Mumbai

Molly Sharma-Winner-Miss India-Saharanpur

Sweta Mondal-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Mumbai

Suyeshi Billawria-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Jammu

Joycee Salvi-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Ahmed Nagar

Radhika Rane-Winner-Miss India-Thane

Priyanka Gaikar-Miss Beautiful Eyes-Miss India-Mumbai

Namrata Sharma-Winner-Mrs India-G2-Delhi South

Mansi Patel-Winner-Miss India-Vadodara

Neeti Mishra-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Chandigarh

Arti Mishra-1st Runner Up-Mrs India-G2-Delhi

Indra Thakur-Winner-Mrs India-G2-Jammu

Manjusha Pandey-Winner-Miss India-Varanasi

Neharika Sharma-Winner-Miss India-Sundargarh

Paulomi Roy-Beautiful Eyes-Miss India-Kolkata

Rushita Shitole-Winner-Miss India-Solapur

Jasleen Randhawa-Winner-Miss India-Amritsar

Nisha Patel-Winner-Miss India-Surat

Roneeca Sahu-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Koraput

Satabdi Roy-1st Runner Up-Mrs India-G1-Kolkata

Ananya Dalui-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Howrah

Ayushi Pal-Winner-Miss India-Bareilly

Anita Naik-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Chandigarh

Simran Kankar-Winner-Miss India-Churu

Guneshwari Ghatge-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Navi Mumbai

Bablie Hazarika-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Nagaon

Jhansi Nirmala-Winner-Miss India-Chennai City South

Aarti-1st Runner Up-Miss India-Delhi North

Rani Shah-Winner-Miss India-Ujjain

Royina Arora-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Moradabad

Somyashree Patnaik-Winner-Miss India-Berhampur

Deepa Prajapati-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Bengaluru East

Vibha Gajbhiye-Winner-Mrs India-G2-navi Mumbai

Tasneem Mamajiwala-Beauty With Brains-Mrs India-G2-Mumbai

Tejaswini Medapureddi-2nd Runner Up-Miss India-Hyderabad

Prerna Nayyar-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Gautam Buddha Nagar

Arti Saxena-Winner-Miss India-Dehradun

Rohini Gholap-Winner-Mrs India-G1-Delhi Central

Chaitanya Sharma-Winner-Miss India-Karnal