Pushpam Infra, a renowned name in the real estate industry, is now the talk of the town with its high-yielding investment opportunities

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], July 14: Owning second homes, the concept being existent for long has suddenly piqued a lot of interest from people, thanks to the pandemic.  The pandemic has made us sit at homes and have lesser vacations, hence the need for a second home at a comfortable driving distance from the original home usually nestled in some exotic location has become a need more than a desire. Not to mention, the hard-hit on our pockets due to the never-ending lockdowns has made us think more about investments that would give assured returns. Thus, an investment in a second home has been the ideal choice of investment, especially for the urbanites.

“Second home investments are an escape from the regular to indulge in peace and joy and hence its dealings should also be stress-free. The investment should be such that you need not worry about generating rental income from your property or have maintenance issues”, says the director of Pushpam Infra, Dr. Sachin Chopda. And the only thing that offers all of this is resort homes. With resort homes, the owners only invest and enjoy while the entire burden of maintaining and taking care of the property falls on the offering party.

The director also says, “Pushpam Infra has been a renowned name in the real estate industry, known for bringing projects that benefit all of its customers and fit every budget. Pushpam believes supremely in the fair price principle and makes sure that every project turns out to be beneficial for its owners.”

Resort homes by Pushpam Infra are a mixture of luxury and investment. Here, people invest in a luxury villa or studio apartments serving two purposes; the resort homes act as vacation homes and also generate rental income. Dr. Sachin Chopda also said, “These homes are rented to tourists who visit the properties and generate monthly revenue for the owners. It thus offers a winning deal to all the owners.” The resort is loaded with over 25 amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, jogging track, live chess, and many more to ensure that the owners and guests have a wonderful staycation. Pushpam Infra does not charge any maintenance fees from its owners, making it a wonderful deal for investment with lesser additional costs. This home is what earns for you, and thus it can rightly be said as, ‘The Kamanewala Ghar’.

Known for providing affordable housing options and resort-like fully furnished homes, Pushpam Infra is led by a team of highly experienced leaders, who are determined to change the face of real estate investments and provide maximum customer satisfaction. Their credibility can be banked upon as they are focused on providing maximum value for people’s investment in their real estate projects

Sanskruti Suites and Resorts by Pushpam Infra is a resort home that is currently functional and is welcoming investments. It is equidistant from Mumbai and Pune, nestled in the heavenly green lap of Karjat. With this, Pushpam Infra is all geared up to launch three more real estate projects, delivering the promise of dynamic and credible real estate investment opportunities for people from all walks of life.

About Pushpam Group:

Pushpam Group is a pioneer name in the corporate industry for 51 years. Its hold in various industry verticals has made the Pushpam name synonymous with trust, development, and growth. Over the years, Pushpam Group has been significantly delivering sustainable growth and societal development at large.

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