The men in blue won the World Cup 2011 after defeating Sri Lanka in the Vanhead Stadium.

Sachin Tendulkar, Yusuf Pathan and Harbhajan Singh

Sachin Tendulkar, Yusuf Pathan and Harbhajan Singh (source: Twitter)

2. April 2011: No Indian fan can forget that Doni’s MS culminates with the voice of Ravi Shastri in the background – Doni ends in style. India will win the World Cup in 28 years. After almost ten years, the memories of the Indian brigade lifting the coveted trophy are still etched in the hearts of every Indian fan.

In addition, the interest in winning the World Cup trophy further increased after seeing the enthusiastic Sachin Tendulkar. The Indian has always described the victory in the tents as the biggest and most moving moment of his glorious career.

The men in blue won the World Cup 2011 after a meeting with Sri Lanka in the Vanhead Stadium. After the match, all players, including Harbhajan Singh, were unable to control their emotions after winning the world championship. Harbhajan Singh remembered this moment and opened it when he first saw Sachin Tendulkar’s elite dance.

That day I saw Sachin Tendulkar dancing for the first time. It was the first time he didn’t care about the people around him, and he loved it with everyone I will always remember, told the young player at the Cricket Connected Star Sport Show.

I remember the night I woke up, I slept with my medal, I was wearing a medal, and it was great, said Harbhadjan, quoted in the Hindustan Times.

This is something we dreamed of together:. Harbhajan Singh

All players were moved after winning the cup, and Mr. Harbhadjan said the whole team had the same dream to win the cup. The construction of the World Cup is certainly a special moment for every cricketer, and it was the first time that emotions were running high and Harbhajan cried for everyone.

It’s something we dreamed of together, it was just an incredible feeling. I still get goose bumps when I think about those moments. The climb to the World Championship was really something special and it was probably the first time I cried in front of everyone. The feeling was overwhelming, I didn’t know how to react, Harbhadjan said.

On the second. In April 2020, Tendulkar also looked back on this incident and described it as the best time of my life in cricket. He posted a video on Twitter in which Master Blaster shows that he can’t control his tears of joy at the moment.

Best cricket moment of my life. @Cricket World Cup @BCCI

– Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) 2. April 2019.