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Let’s face it, we’re all bored now. Today all you have to do is walk around and do your homework. If there’s anything you need to know about me, it’s that I hate being mobile and responsible, so I had to be pretty creative when it came to finding something to do.

In a few days of teaching online, I realized that this new world of learning offers us many ways to have fun, as long as we use it to our advantage. Here are my top ten ways to make your online courses fun and exciting.

  1. Increase the funds

As you probably already heard, Zoom allows you to add a green background to your conversation. One day I accidentally walked into a classroom with a piece of pink grass on my desk, and I felt like a soft animal that just wanted to learn. The back of my home office is pretty soft, so I want to move to new places. Maybe Wendy’s or a series of Pitt Stages produced a lot of noise out of nowhere, or Bliss, the standard wallpaper for Microsoft Windows XP computers. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Increase the number of responses

There is another zoom function that is a little more subtle than a modest background, and that is a reaction. When you are in a conference or meeting, you have an excellent opportunity to convey the emotions that appear on your screen. The options are great emotions and applause and are suitable for almost any situation – I don’t recommend using them when discussing a book on mental illness, but I do recommend using them to show your approval when someone’s dog goes out. The next time your teacher asks you yes or no, try sending your thumb to see who notices. It’s just for kicks.

  1. Enlarge the names.

It all started with a mistake I made. I participated in zoom calls that were meant for fun game nights with my friends, not at school or work. You taught me that you can change your name on the zoom lens during the whole conversation. I’ve learned that the last name you used appears automatically the next time you connect to the call. So I came into my conference as Missouri. Nobody seems to notice, so I want to see how many different names I can get away with. What should I try now?

  1. Increased DMs

The best surprise I had during Zoom class was when one of my good friends in private told Zoom that she missed me. I’ve learned that it’s possible to send private messages to Zoom, so I’ve started to do it with zeal. I think Zoom DM’s the perfect way to tell a girl in my writing class that I’d like to invite her, don’t you think? Unfortunately I only send useful messages because I am paranoid that my teachers will see them, but it was nice to send and receive comments about other people’s dogs. It’s like we’re back in our unallocated seats.

  1. Take your dog to Zoom.

If you know my work, you know I have a precious yellow lab puppy named Wrecks Goliath who spends most of his time in quarantine. If I want people to feel they appreciate what I’m saying, I call him on my Zoom calls. He hits me immediately and attracts all the attention when he jumps on me, bites me and drool on my laptop. All my classmates love him, and I feel like all my classmates love me too.

  1. pajama bottoms

Recently I wanted to put on a good show for one of my Zoom conferences, but I didn’t want to commit. Instead, I went from night pajamas to day pants and put on a blazer and a blouse. I felt like I had a special secret, and I looked so funny that every time I looked in the mirror I made myself laugh. Moreover, I had all the advantages of being presentable without the disadvantages of wearing tight pants. There’s a life at stake.

  1. Hang something funny on the wall.

When I’m in zoom mode, I spend most of my time watching all the screens in the gallery to see what their home workplace looks like. Whether it’s a charming corner, a nicely decorated room or a basement with a Christmas tree in the background, I get very interested and often very jealous when I zoom in on a simple wall without indicating where I am or who I am. So I decided to hang up. I have many posters and a certificate confirming that I am the Alpha Gay of my brotherhood. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Turning off the camera

I made this incredible discovery the other day when I had to blow my nose during class and didn’t want to be seen. I turned off the camera to get a towel, and almost immediately I heard someone say where’s Alex? Now I accidentally started to turn the camera off to see if anyone would notice I was gone. It’s nice to know that people are interested if my computer accidentally crashes in the middle of class. It’s very nice to know that people still know who I am.

  1. Send a letter to your teacher for technical support

Because I can’t walk during working hours, I had to find a new way to ask the teachers questions I already know the answers to. I recently emailed teachers to ask them questions about technical problems with various applications – actually just a bit of canvas – and then solved the problem myself as soon as the Submit button was clicked. It wasn’t intentional, but it was really nice to wake up by email from your teacher to confirm that they exist and that they will talk to you.

  1. school attendance

Normally I don’t feel like talking during class, unless it’s compulsory, but I was so bored the other day that I asked a question during a zoom class, which led to a lively discussion among my classmates. It turns out I can do this all the time. Unbelievable, huh? It is a lot of fun to work on the course material, to learn and to get some of the human interaction you desire.

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