Last fall Marvel led the most ambitious X-Men reinvention with a series of events of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men. The X House changed everything we know about the myths of X-humans – the past, the present and even the future. These changes are not limited to the X-Men franchise – the impact of the X-House still resonates widely in the vast universe of miracles.

As Marvel fans know, the X-Men are also ready for a big screen revival. Thanks to the Disney-Fox merger, the X-Men films are being re-released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there are some pretty good ideas that House of X has come up with that shouldn’t be overlooked by the MCU:

Destroyed species

One of the biggest problems the X-Men MCU has ever had to deal with is explaining to the fandom that mutants did exist but were never seen on the MCU. House X gave a simple answer to this question: Mutants are an extinct species that didn’t want to be destroyed. Without getting into Hickman’s fantastic plot (we’ll come back to that later), House X gave the mutants the chance to see their existence in different times and allowed them to create a world in which they could not only survive, but also thrive. Led by the significantly different versions of Professor X and Magneto, who worked together, the mutants began to assert themselves.

Given the way the MCU now plays with its own alternative timelines and historical versions, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to reveal that the X-Men are hiding in this version of the MCU (because of visions of other timelines that have gone wrong for them). His sudden appearance in the world would not be threatened, even if events like The Snap and/or what happens in WandaVision / Doctor Strange 2 would threaten his appearance again.

House of mutants

As for where the people of UCM X-Men lived and flourished, they hid: Dom X thought of it, too: Krakoa. One of the oldest enemies of the X-Men (a living island that feeds on mutants) has now become their official home, and that’s real peace. Krakoa can change terrain and location, and thanks to the vegetation, mutants can do everything from creating portals to curing diseases that no human medicine can provide. All this makes it easier to believe that a whole breed of mutants lived on the MCU all this time, alone.

Mutant culture

The X-House has also created an entirely new mutant culture for the X-Men world, supplemented by language, laws, religious/mystic rituals, technology and much more, which is still alive and being explored in books. The timing could not be better, because like others, the MCU X-Men must have been more than born with superpowers. This is not enough for the main audience.

But if the MCU mutants really are a unique race of beings in every respect – from the way they acquire superpowers to the kind of world they’ve created for themselves – it would make much more sense if they didn’t fit in. And why do they end up meeting people like the Avengers…


One of the greatest things House X has done is to give X people a new mutant culture, a great collective superpower they never had: unlimited resources for resurrection. By combining five special mutant troops, the X-Men can clone each mutant in free fall and restore their powers and mutant consciousness in this new body. For the heroes of the MCU, it would be a big turnaround if they learned there’s some kind of unbeatable super-bing – and a whole new twist on the regular X-Men story when they’re hunted and killed.

Threat to humans

When the X-Men created their homeland and discovered it for the whole world, it brought (not surprisingly) a whole new wave of threats to a terrified human population. These threats include the most sadistic and cunning groups of human superiority in the present – and even the combined threat of human aggression and the evolution of the AI machine that dominates the future. Given the nervousness of the MCU world for the superheroes (see: Sokovi’s chords), imagine how they would react to the appearance of a whole world of mutants among them.

The darkest terms

The X-House not only gave the X-Men a new gift, but also created a whole new set of stories and perspectives for the future. This future wasn’t exactly friendly. Faced with dark notions of man and machine interfering in a new superiority or the death of a man who threatens to lie even further away, the X-Men can be a quick guide to a major MCU crossover event that affects many other franchises.

Moira X

The X-house has reinvented Charles Xavier’s closest confidant, Moira McTaggert, and has made her the new centre, not only of the X-Men series, but perhaps of the entire Marvel universe. Moira is charged as a powerful mutant with a unique power: When she dies, Moira has the chance to relive her life – while retaining full knowledge of the past lives she has lived. That makes Moira a car repairman and an alternative timekeeper in one. Such a game-changing character could be useful for the X-Men in their myths, as it can link the mutants to some of the great fantasy stories that came after the Avengers: The game is over.

Here are the release dates of the updated MCU movies:

  • Black widow – 6. November
  • Evenings – 12. February 2021.
  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – 7. May 2021.
  • Strange Doctor in the Multiverse of Madness – 5. November 2021.
  • Thor: Love and Thunder – 18. February 2022.
  • Black Panther 2 – 6. May 2022.
  • Captain Marvel 2-8. July 2022.

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