Created to separate turntables and also digital parts, Paul Rigby considers this brand-new collection of Walnut and also Maple systems

Developed to deal with disturbance triggered by exterior resonances and also vibrations (and also called after the drifting island of Delos from Greek folklore), the brand-new versions integrate both IsoAcoustics’ copyrighted seclusion modern technology with a type of butcher block discussion of strong timber. When I state strong timber I suggest Walnut and also Maple covering 455 x 380 mm approximately 560 x 405 mm in dimension. Both dimensions are offered in 45 mm and also 76 mm density. The smaller sized dimension has an optimum weight ability of 29.5 kg and also 24.9 kg for the 45 mm and also 75 mm versions specifically.

Delos Isolation Shelf From IsoAcoustics

The bigger dimension Delos has an additional row of incorporated isolators to supply a higher weight ability at 45.4 kg for the 45 mm thick version and also 40.8 kg for the 75 mm the version. The thicker 75 mm versions supply extra mass and also provide finest outcomes with larger turntables and also parts.

Prior to I introduced right into the noise examinations, I talked with IsoAcoustics concerning the item. At first, I questioned why these certain timbers were used, “Maple and Walnut were chosen based on appearance, hardness and performance,” stated the firm. “Maple and Walnut are considered superior tonal woods, commonly used in the manufacture of fine guitars, pianos and violins. While both are hardwoods, Maple is ‘harder’ (more dense) than Walnut. Maple platforms are known for their detailed, transparent and uncoloured sound.”

Delos Isolation Shelf From IsoAcoustics

The firm took place to state that Walnut, being a little “softer” will certainly lead to a warmer noise.

The Maple board has a Janka Solidity( click the last web link after that click the graph left wing and also you’ll see a took off relative graph of a host of timber kinds) ranking of 1450 and also the Walnut has a firmness ranking of1010 The solidity, as you may anticipate, additionally includes resilience and also resistance to scrapes and also damages. The butcher blocks are secured with a urethane-based satin surface which is evidently immune to spots and also a lot of solvents.

Another thing that establish me asking yourself was exactly how the systems were constrcuted. They seemed developed by cut and also bound timber items. I questioned exactly how the items were bound and also exactly how this influenced noise, “The wood sections are glued using RF Cured Greenguard® Certified PVA adhesive. This has increased the speed of the laminating process (only 90 seconds) and has resulted in a strong weld and healthy wood. The state-of-the-art formaldehyde-free gluing process produces no volatile organic compounds. This laminated construction results in a very durable and stable structure with great acoustic properties and an aesthetically pleasing finish.”

Delos Isolation Shelf From IsoAcoustics

So why are the private items of timber cut in by doing this? They seem lengthy wood items yet the density appears to differ, “After seasoning, ‘rails’ or ‘staves’ of prime Maple and Walnut are hand selected and sorted,” stated the firm. “They are then cut to size, eliminating defects caused by nature. The laminated individual pieces of wood come together in a unique pattern of colours and grain. No two pieces of wood are ever the same.”

Following I questioned why 4 feet were utilized on the smaller sized systems. Why not have 6-feet choices, as an example? Why not most likely to 9 with 6 feet around the perimeter and also 3 even more feet in the centre of the bigger systems as well? My person call stated, “Our research resulted in these sizes and weight capacities for our initial launch and are in the process of investigating larger units with greater weight capacities in this butcher block configuration.”

Delos Isolation Shelf From IsoAcoustics

When it comes to those feet? The incorporated isolators are based of the style of the GAIA Collection. The isolators utilize IsoAcoustics copyrighted style which includes a leading isolator, lower isolator and also a port, “The isolation is a result of the way the three parts work together, so there is not a single path connecting the live equipment to the supporting surface. It is the shape, durometer and material characteristics of the isolators that are tuned for a given weight capacity. The isolators are absorbing the vibrations so they do not resonate through or reflect off the hard supporting surface.”

The isolators are partly recessed right into the butcher block and also attached right into location for a solid link to the butcher block.

Lastly, I questioned the rate. You’re obtaining a great deal of strong timber right here, don’t bother the seclusion modern technology. Nonetheless, I questioned exactly how the rate was validated by IsoAcoustics, “The Delos butcher blocks are a high quality, made in the USA product, made in the traditional process and features IsoAcoustics patented, isolation system. As a raw material, Walnut is twice the price of Maple and results in a very contemporary and pleasing product.”

For this evaluation I attempted both the thinner and also thicker systems under my Funk Company Little Super Deck, my Aesthetix shutoff pre-amp and also my two-box phono amplifier from Symbol Sound.


I started with Nat ‘King’ Cole’s Many thanks to You From the cd, Love (Capitol). The leading and also base of the Delos is that it decreases sound. Every favorable sonic element that complies with, streams from that a person property.

The reality that I was additionally making use of a recommendation, top quality Blue Perspective shelving system reveals you (well, revealed me) the amount of devices you require guaranteed to deal with sound of numerous flavours. Most individuals would certainly construct a shelving system like mine and also think that the work was done. Not so and also, like the consisted of additional Blue Perspective system is, the Delos takes the sound decrease one action even more.

Since the sound flooring was decreased, the huge impact that I was listening to throughout all regularities and also best throughout the soundstage was the improvement in reverb.

For the very first time, I was listening to a feeling of area and also resemble around the Cole lead vocal. To duplicate, this component of the sonic range was simply absent prior to. This crucial element of the noise existed for the really very first time as a result of the Delos.

Having this brand-new air and also area in the top midrange indicated that Cole appeared, well, complimentary. He appeared a lot more unwinded which, if anything, aided him to turn that little bit more, perhaps with an additional click of the fingers yet, hello, I would not desire Nat to obtain as well delighted. He was much as well amazing to do any one of those hip-swinging wrongdoings. Yet the recently, ventilated Cole seemed like he may guide a little bit a lot more, placed it in this way.

In a similar way, the mid-song trumpet solo additionally included brand-new reverb tails which offered a brand-new feeling of simplicity to the series. Bass really did not seem any type of larger or a lot more effective yet it did create an improvement in its personality. Tonally, it was a lot more intriguing. This impact was highlighted in the treble. Cymbal faucets offered a brand-new feeling of tonal realistic look in which the dimension of the cymbal was far better converted.

For the smaller sized system, I discovered enhancements any place I utilized it yet it was when it rested below my pre-amp that I had a ‘Ta-Daa!!!’ minute. Under this box, the general images of the noise boosted 100%. It was surprising. I was, you have to comprehend this, shocked. The feeling of emphasis throughout the soundstage was currently core to the obtained songs.

Thin Lizzy’s Enjoying from the LP, Chinatown (editioned by means of Back on Black) additionally profited. Percussion reduced throughout the soundstage, appearing huge, remarkable and also energetic. The recently included area just raising the feeling of mass and also physical dimension. Guitars additionally showed up to get to even more in vibrant terms. Mids appeared to have even more area to relocate right into and also therefore supplied better information with the lead vocal revealed itself completely and also with vigour.

What additionally captivated me was the efficiency of the bigger system, including 6 feet rather than 4, thicker by an inch and also larger by 4 inches.

What did the bigger, 6-footed device create? Every one of the above. Yet a lot more. The boost in audio top quality relocated later on a rate. Actually, the decrease in sound, despite having a fairly light Funk Company turntable ahead (which, theoretically ought to be excessive) was decreased to such a degree that the stereo picture appeared a lot more protected and also repaired, dead centre while an unique accuracy currently entered play. The whole soundstage was cleaned up, cleaned, all dirt and also crud was scooped and also socks eliminated from the rear of the couch. That is, all regularities within the soundstage were very disciplined, tidy and also demanding. Discussion was very concentrated.


Do the Delos systems function? Certainly. The tiniest and also smallest of these racks functioned exceptionally well undoubtedly, decreasing sound and also opening the midrange to significant impact. Understand, however, that some settings the system beings in will certainly have a higher or minimal impact so experiment to see where your system uses most advantages.

What stunned me, however, was simply just how much far better was the bigger device efficiency. The bigger timber surface area and also the additional seclusion feet pressed the useful results to a degree that actually made me stay up and also bear in mind. If you’re able, choose a lot more: even more timber, even more feet. Whatever you pick, however, the Delos support group is an useful enhancement to an anti-noise toolkit.


Cost: Maple from ₤400– Walnut versions from ₤600

Tel: 03301 222 500

Internet: and also

GOOD: reduced sound, ventilated midrange, colorful bass, tonally practical treble

BAD: absolutely nothing


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Beginning Live Sovereign turntable

Beginning Live Business 12 ″ arm

Van Den Hul Crimson XGW Stradivarius Cartridge

Funk Company Little Super Deck

Symbol PS3 phono amplifier

Aesthetix Calypso pre-amp

Symbol Sound MEGABYTES845 Mk.II monoblock amplifiers

Quad ESL-57 audio speakers with One point upgrade

Tellurium Q Declaration wires

Blue Perspective Specialist Shelf System

Harmonic Resolution Equipments Sound Decrease Parts

CAD GC1 Ground Controls

Gutwire Consummate Grounding Cord

All plastic was cleaned up making use of an Sound Workdesk’s Ultrasonic Pro Plastic Cleanser