Whatmore, who led India’s U-19 team to victory at the 2008 Junior World Cup under Captain Weirat Kohli, has a wealth of coaching experience.

Dave What else? Dave What else? [OFF PHOTO / JEKESAI NIJIKIZANA]

Dav Whatmore’s stay in Kerala ended last season when the Australian was disbanded after a dark season. What else, who has had an excellent coaching career in international cricket, was the coach of Kerala for three years and separated from Kerala after finishing second in the combined A and B group of the draw.

The latest news is that the coach of the Sri Lankan national team that won the World Cup has been appointed coach of Ranji Baroda and director of cricket. BCA Secretary Ajit Lele confirmed Whatmore’s appointment on Sunday. A few days ago we heard that Baroda’s team had become coach.

The leader of the Indian U-19 team, which won the World Junior Championship in 2008 under Captain Wirat Kohli, has a wealth of experience as a coach. As director of Cricket, the U23, U19 and U16 age group coaches are led by Whatmore.

I wanted to help the new team succeed: Dev What else

Whatmore was also appointed coach of the Ranji Trophy team and cricket director for a two-year term, said BCA Secretary Lele.

After Whatmore was offered the position by the BCA, the Australian announced the beginning of his end and informed former Mumbai drummer Shishir Hattangangadi of his decision. Khattangadi is the CEO of the association.

I was interested in helping the new team succeed. I talked to three other teams, but my visa was almost expired. I had to go back to Australia because of the travel restrictions for the Coronavirus. So I hired a manager to help me close the deal with Baroda. When I return to India, hopefully in June, or when things return to normal, I will be stationed in Baroda for almost nine months of the year, Watmore said after his appointment.

They won the U19 selection this year, which shows that their youngsters are strong in cricket. So the future looks bright. Since I’ve worked with Kerala, I haven’t been able to see the existing structure and many of their players, but now I really want to see what they have in store, Carroll added.