In 2015, Bhushan Kumar played Panj Rani’s scratch on his cell phone with me. he says: This is from a guy who sang Suit in the Hindi media. His name is Guru Randhava. Many of us in the room jumped with excitement when we heard the song. A few days later he came to watch my movie Tumhari Sulu (2017). The rest is, as the cliché goes, history.

I’m not a trained musician. I’m from the village, born of single parents. I had nothing to rely on, except a constant passion for music.

Thus began my relationship with Gursharanjot Singh Randhava, a 24-year-old boy with dimples in a gorge in Gurdaspur, Punjab. Like most citizens and foreigners he dreamed of Mumbai as a superstar.

I was immediately attracted to his innocence and simplicity. Mumbai can be unscrupulous for those who don’t wear the poster of a privileged clan, so my defensive instincts kicked in and I decided to be there for him as soon as he started looking for his sock in this big, greedy dream city.

Suitable for long life

I invited Guru to film the day we filmed his song with Vidya Balan and Manav Kaul. Accompanied by a group of young men from Punjab of the Black Merc he came to me with an improvised smile on his cherubic face. Hello, sir. He’s been beamed down. His smile widens as he sits in front of the screen watching Vidya and Manava become a national card runner.

I listen to Gurbaani every day. Life can be metamorphic, but I can never forget my roots and my beginnings.

I’m not a trained musician. I’m from the village, born of single parents. I had nothing to rely on, except a constant passion for music. I played a lot at the university in Delhi, I was discovered and forced to move. I opened exhibitions for various artists in Delhi, and at the same time I wrote songs and started selling them, hoping that one day the record company would sign me. It didn’t happen because the record companies wanted stars. But I never gave up hope. I managed to come to the UK to make my very first video with Arjun (Coomaraswamy) – Suit Suit. The course was a great success and life took a turn. So I give Arjun the credit for my first major breakthrough in independent music, he smiles.

I remember inviting Guru 2016 to a party at a friend’s place in SoBo. He accepted my invitation with charming zeal. That night, behind the karaoke and the alcohol, he won many hearts by announcing on the drums that he would stay here. His professional barrier towards me was finally overcome when he hugged me tightly in a kind of catharsis and said this was my first party in Mumbai. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for this special memory.

He still laughs when I remind him of that night. It was something special, sir. I’ll never forget it. He gave me two brothers, Imtiaz bhai (Khatri) and you. It is invaluable to find real people in big cities. I know it’s a lifetime commitment.

Other strokes

This is Guru Randhava, who has not changed in the four years I have known him – grateful, appreciated and loved. He never stops paying homage to those who held his hand during the sprint. I got to know the T-Series team through a friend from 2015 and met their team in Delhi. In 2017 I met Bhushan Sir, who noticed me through a song by Yaar Maud Du and sat on me, he says.

In no time at all, the guru struck an agreement with music lovers all over the world and began collecting landscapes by the thousands, then by the millions. He travels the world in first class, is escorted by guards and managers, drives luxury chauffeured cars, is accommodated in well-equipped hotel rooms (although he currently travels in the luxurious Airbnb in central Milan) and earns his living with a fascinating and cheerful crowd. The trip was a fairy tale.

I take every day when he arrives. I’m not sure. After all, your song works, and if your song works, you work!

I am indebted to the blessing of Guru Nanak Dev G. I hear Gurbaani every day. Life can be metamorphic, but I can never forget my roots and my beginnings. My parents supported my ambitions to the end and I never let them down. You can hear all my music. They even learned to search for my songs on YouTube. Sometimes my dad watches my videos and asks me questions about the beautiful girls in them, he laughs and adds: – My mother complains that she has to subscribe to a lot of other channels to see my songs. In the past, my songs were only broadcast on regional Punjabi stations. They’re on the main music channels now! Seeing my parents happy is my excitement.

After living in London for many years, I have been involved in the bhangra bread scene in Vancouver and Birmingham. I’ve often wondered why most Punjabi songs sound the same. There is a reason why their artists did not come out of the curve of time they fell into.

When I ask the Guru, He responds quickly.

Most Punjabi songs use the same dhol, the same rhythm, the same finger, and there is a certain fatigue in them. It is vital that we constantly reinvent ourselves.

Most songs use the same fraction, the same rhythm, the same thumb, the same instruments. Even the text and the staging have a déjà vu. I admit there was some fatigue. It is very important for us artists to constantly reinvent ourselves. I always try something new with every song. But I must point out that my songs are never vulgar. I use simple words and make a clean video. That’s why I’m loved by fans from generation to generation. I like it. I won’t be a bad stud next door. I’m very Darpok!

by land

When I met Guru for many years, after walking around with him and attending some of his shows, I saw him enjoying the new high life that had come his way, and I did it so desperately.

I work almost every day. Hunger is hard to suppress. I make sure my employees are satisfied. I’ll keep an eye on her. I remember it was all fleeting. He’ll be here today, maybe not tomorrow. But I’m not too worried. I take every day when he arrives. I’m not sure. After all, your song works, and if your song works, you work! He says that with the confidence that has developed over the years.

The professor loves to perform at fancy weddings, but when you ask him about your wedding, he laughs: I’ve got a job. The installation in your head. I have no pressure to get married. Keep pushing him and he’ll wink at you: Right now I’m in a big room in my head. The love I receive is joyful and motivating, but I don’t intend to bite the bullet yet!

From songwriting to brand promotion, because they make good money and produce Punjabis films,

When I see a terrible crisis in Italy, I think of my time in Milan and pray that they win.

The Guru has even started his own clothing line. The high-ranking Gabra, who raised a few curved eyebrows when he was seen at Milan Fashion Week, admits that he was happy with the new experience. He’s smiling: I’m putting Punjab on the map of Italy. I’m thankful to live the dream. Few people in my part of the world have the privilege of receiving so many presentations. As a person I am always open to new adventures and experiences, because they broaden the horizon and open the way to mental and emotional growth.

I want to make it clear that my songs are not vulgar. I use simple words and make a clean video.

And when I see the terrible crisis that Italy is going through, I remember my strange moments in Milan. This is a beautiful country with beautiful people and I pray and hope that they will win this deadly battle, the Guru added.

Occasionally, I annoy the Guru by telling him that he will soon be 30 years old. So, where’s the party? I’ll never make it to 30, sir. The clock is turning for me, it’s smiling.

Tanjuj Garg with Guru Randhava

With a new single on the market almost every week, a dozen concerts a month and palaces in Mumbai and Gurgaon, nothing in the life of a guru is slow. While his Lamborghini is on the fast track, the Munda of Pindas is determined to overcome lean obstacles and achieve new career curves with brio.

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(Biography: Tanuch Garg is a famous Bollywood producer and managing partner of Ellipsis Entertainment. He is currently a distributor, co-producer and producer of more than 35 Bollywood films. Among his recent successes are Nerja and Tumhari Sulu).

Note for readers : This photo shoot with Guru Randhava took place in Italy long before the coronavirus crisis.

From 12. April 2020


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