Caesar and Maria, 90-day covenant.


Cesar and Maria, the stars of the hit 90-day reality series: Until 90 days, not today together. They’ve been doing this in the air since their season.

Cesar and Maria, the stars of the hit 90-day reality series: Up to 90 days was one of the most talked-about stories of the season, as fans believed Marie César was deceptive from the start. Unfortunately, Caesar tried several times to meet Mary and each time she welcomed him; the Star of Reality sent him up to $40,000 over the years and he did not personally meet his friend, who is far away.

You can see Caesar in the new 90-day Spinoff Fiancé mini series: Independent quarantine broadcast Monday night at 9:00 p.m. IT. Viewers will have the opportunity to learn manicure techniques while he continues to isolate himself during the Kovid 19 pandemic; his episode will be aired on 4 November. May, where he will broadcast the latest news about his current love life to the fans.

What’s going on with Caesar and Mary these days? Are they still seeing each other, or has Caesar finally realized that she’s not interested in the kind of commitment he’s looking for and has put her up against the wall? That’s what we know about the stars in today’s reality, but beware: Before you two are troublemakers about Caesar’s relationship with Mary!

Caesar and Maria divorced forever in August 2019

Today Caesar and Mary are no longer together, no surprise. During an episode of the Samoquarantaine, Caesar explains that they have definitively separated shortly after the end of the third season, in August 2019.

According to the reality TV star, he decided to fly to Ukraine for the last time to get answers from Maria, and she met him unexpectedly at lunch. But soon after her return to the United States, she removed all the pictures they had taken together, which was the last straw for Caesar.

We took some photos together, but they were erased, he said after the producer asked if they had documented his trip to Ukraine. I didn’t know the pictures were gone until I got on the plane. He goes on to say: Now it’s over. I’m just trying to get the best out of my life.

They had an online relationship for over five years, so it was hard for him to forget Mary. But now it seems to be a distant memory when Caesar addressed the audience about the 4th century. May introduces his new girlfriend, a woman named Aya who lives in New Orleans. They met online and had several video chats, although their attempts to meet in person were interrupted by the coronavirus.

Caesar focuses on his fitness & Maria made a model photo with Jesse Meester.

In recent months Cesar has paid a lot of attention to his health and condition and has often posted videos on his Instagram page. He regularly participates in social networks in the field of fitness and often communicates with his 114,000 followers, his casting friends for 90 days and his closest friends and family.

Meanwhile, Maria is quite quiet about Instagram, although she sometimes posts a few selfish messages. At the end of last year she was spotted at a photo shoot with the 90-day old star Jesse Mister, although both men insist that they are just good friends and certainly don’t have a date.

I think in this picture we are looking for a man who offered us some weed and Viagra, Maria wrote in the sign of a picture where they pose on a big stone. It’s been a great day, and I can’t wait to meet you for real. Thank you for talking to me and sharing your thoughts with me. I really like him.

You can catch Caesar on a 90-day bride: Independent quarantine broadcast Monday night at 9:00 p.m. and on TLC. You will also find all the latest news from the television and entertainment industry.

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