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Published : 3. April 2020, 6:36:00 AM

Walking with Migrants, Four States, One Story: What do we have here? On Tuesday the river almost stopped at the border between Gujarat and the MMP, where a sea of migrant workers stayed for almost a week. (Express photo of Gajendra Yadav)

It is difficult for the Bihar government to persuade migrants to stay in the village school building for about 40 days.

The Office of Emergency Situations stated that it had transferred more than one Lahovy migrant to district headquarters, from where they were taken to their villages.

In the Sitamarhi area, 17 migrants from Rampur Pachasi High School in Panchayat, Hardia Pupri district, have been missing since Tuesday night, while many are reported to have gone home in the evening and returned in the morning. Pupri BDO Ragini Sau said the policy was trying to find the missing migrants.

More than 25,000 migrants have been quarantined in 3,115 schools in Bigaru, while the rest are allowed to live with their families after basic health checks.

In Gopalganja, only 155 of the more than 11,000 returnees are in 99 quarantine stations. Returnees from the Gulf countries, who have to stay in the sampling centres until the reports come in, do not follow the government’s instructions. Several people returned home after blood samples were taken at the SS Balika High School in Gopalganja and the Jawahar Navodaya School in Balar.

Arshad Aziz, a district judge from Gopalgand, said he had asked officials to investigate the case.

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