According to all reports, the fortune continues the downward trend for pizza delivery boy Darryl Allan from Atascadero Fatte. After several months of crisis in his own restaurant, in which he was accused of closing his old pizzeria on El Camino Real because of atrocious attacks by hackers and organized criminals, he was arrested last night for an armed robbery of the Paso Robles Fatte pizzeria. Darryl Allan

In February Allan closed the house of Atasquadero Fatte and claimed that he had been mistreated. Allan’s note is stuck on the door of the Atascadero Fatte pizzeria. Photo file

The 16th. April contacted Allen The on Facebook under the pseudonym Rich Smitherin and asked for details of other crimes he claimed to have committed, including an accusation that he was repeatedly stabbed and financially abused after breaking into his Bank of America accounts.

On Sunday, around 10:17 p.m., two employees closed a shop at Fat Pizza in Paso Robles when a masked man entered the shop. He walked up to the counter and showed a silver pistol with a suppressor wrapped in black tape. The shooter demanded the plates be erased.

After cleaning the magazines, the thief forced two employees to turn off all the lights and asked them to go to the back of the shop. The suspect then threw two glow sticks at the company to tell the employees that they could use them as a light source.

The workers ran to the back door to see a white Toyota Tundra, who moved away from the workshop and was heading west on the Niblik. Paso Robles police immediately started inspecting the area and the ALO deputy found a truck matching the description that had entered and left Atasquadero. The truck was stopped and occupied by Atascadero Fatte’s pizzaiolo, Darryl Allan.

NOTE : Fatte’s pizzerias are independent. At one point Allan was linked to the location of Paso Robles, but at the moment he is only linked to the location of Atasquadero.

We found Allan had a bag full of .22-caliber ammunition. In the truck we found a loaded silver 22-caliber pistol with a erased serial number, a silencer with black tape, glow sticks, lots of money, drugs, metal ankles and various SUV keys. Articles found by police at Allan’s home when he was arrested in the parking lot of the Atascadero.

Allan was arrested on the following charges: 211 PC – theft, 207 PC – kidnapping, 25800 PC – carrying a loaded gun to commit a crime, 25850 a) PC – carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle, 33410 PC – possession of a silencer, 23900 PC – removal of a serial number of a firearm, 25300 a) PC – carrying a firearm with a camouflage mask, 11370.1 H&S – possession of a controlled substance on alert, and 21810 – possession of knuckles

Meanwhile the Paso Robles police are looking for the key holders.

The investigation is ongoing and the police department of Paso Robles asks anyone with information to call the PRPD at (805) 237-6464.

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