Under Blockade 4.0, Chandigarh will reopen public transport, open all markets, open tenders in public institutions and supply ready-made meals from restaurants to homes, as well as other leisure activities, which will be allowed after almost two months.

The slackening occurs on the 18th. May it actually be midnight. In accordance with the central government’s decision on the fourth phase of the Kovid-19 blockade, the board of the UT issued new instructions on Monday, allowing a series of releases from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. On the third. May at midnight, after the lifting of the measures taken since the 24th. The month of March set a curfew, the city was blocked.

Following Monday’s high-level meeting, WPV driver UT Badnoré approved the resumption of public transport, including buses, cars and taxis. All buses that are not part of the AC alliance will be operated in three parties with the agreement of the neighbouring countries, but only 50 % of their capacity will be used.

The Chandigar Transport Company (CHTU) will initially operate almost half of its fleet of more than 400 buses. UT traffic officials said they were negotiating with their colleagues in Haryana and Punjab to ensure that UT buses are used for their entire lifespan.


All the city’s shops, including those in Sector 17 and the Sector Borders, will open gradually from Tuesday (see box).

However, this strange formula will apply to companies operating in overcrowded markets.

Salons, spas, hairdressing salons and massage parlours in all markets remain closed. Shopping centres, cinemas and theatres also remain closed.

The use of alcohol, paan, gutka or tobacco in public places is not allowed. The shops keep a minimum distance of two metres between customers and do not admit more than five people at the same time.


Chandigarh will remain in the red zone until further notice. However, the status is regularly reviewed by the Ministry of Health of the EO. The six previously identified and demarcated deterrence zones will be maintained. The boundaries of the location zones and other zone extensions/removal are checked regularly.

Only basic activities are allowed in the location fields. Strict perimeter controls are in place to ensure that people cannot move in and out of these areas, except in medical emergencies, and to maintain the supply of essential goods and services.

Manoj Kumar Parida, UT consultant, said: In accordance with the guidelines of the central government, we have allowed a relaxation. We will also regularly see the red sun sign of the city. The difference between containment and non-containment zones is now of the utmost importance.


Wedding ceremonies are designed to create social distance, with a maximum of 50 guests. For funeral sessions, the maximum number of participants is 20.

In order to implement these measures, the UT Decision provides that the district court in each local jurisdiction appoints executive judges as commanders in the event of incidents.


While Mohali also organizes car holidays to the Chandigarh when it comes to markets, even lounges and spas are allowed to work from 7 to 18 hours.

Shopping centres will remain closed and there will be a strange rule for shops offering non-essential products in urban areas, but all restaurants and cafes will be open for home delivery.

Even the services of electricians, plumbers and computer repairers are permitted.

In the meantime, the civil authority of Mohali is prepared to launch a public tender from Tuesday in its office in sector 68. Other public and private offices can be opened without special permission, but to avoid overcrowding, only 50% of employees can be called at certain times. Banks can operate unrestrictedly during normal business hours, with full staff if necessary, to help increase the number of public transactions.

In the meantime, seven Nähkendras will resume their work in the region – in the DS office complex, the Phase 3B1 Primary Health Centre, the SDM office in Harare, the solar enclave Lalra, the Loggar, Zirakpur and Majri sports complex in Harare – from 9.00 to 17.00 hours.


Meanwhile, the Pankkula administration did not issue any new orders for store openings and other events on Monday.

said Assistant Commissioner Panchkuly Mukesh Kumar Abuja: Although we have received formal instructions from the state government for new directions, we have not taken any new decisions at district level. The business and most other activities will continue to be carried out in accordance with existing orders and instructions.

New orders are expected after Tuesday’s meeting.

(with the participation of Mohali and Panchkula).