Throughout his brilliant career, the late and great Kobe Bryant has reached the final seven times. He won the title in five of his seven appearances, earning 71% of the top percentage in the sport.

Bryant had no lack of amazing moments during his seven appearances in the finals. Today we’ve compiled his top five works to list the five most memorable moments in the NBA finals.

Final NBA 2004: Kobe drawer set

In 2004, the Los Angeles Lakers took revenge. After winning the coveted triple event between 2000 and 2002, Los Angeles lost significantly in the finals in 2003 after losing champions San Antonio Spurs in the semifinals of the Western Conference. The next season they returned to the biggest stage of all and faced the Detroit Pistons without a fight.

Bryant’s most memorable moment in the series came in the second game when he hit the 3-point hand in the final seconds of the game. Kobe showed amazing results throughout the evening, giving the Lakers a much-needed victory to tie the series with a 1-1 scoring line. He finished the match with 33 points, four rebounds, seven assists and three big assists who sent the match in overtime.

Unfortunately, it was the only victory of the Lakers in the series, because they were very upset from the Pistons, who won the title in just five races.

Final NBA 2001: Coby goes back to Philadelphia

In 2001 Bryant reached the finals with one of his best duels against MVP Allen Iverson (Philadelphia 76).

After wiping out the entire Western Conference on their way to the finals, the Lakers suffered a crushing defeat in their opening game against the Sixers at the Staples Center. They managed to split the series by winning the second race and went to Philadelphia where they had to win the third race to regain their dominance. Bryant grew up in Philadelphia, and for him it was like coming home. He didn’t disappoint.

Bryant came out at the end of this intense game with some clutch game. He ended the night with 32 points and six rebounds and secured a decisive victory for Los Angeles. The Lakers won the other two races in Philadelphia and took the No. 2 title.

2009 Final NBA: Kobe sets the tone

After reaching the NBA finals in 2009, Kobe and the Lakers were bought out to avenge their loss to the Boston Celtics in the same phase of the preseason. This time they were faced with Orlando Magic, who was in charge of the defender of the annual winner Dwight Howard at the time.

The Lakers were the favourites to win the title and Bryant was careful not to give Magic any ideas and dominated from the start. In the first match he lost in the final of his career with 16 of the 34 points (and 8 of the 8 of the Charity Strip) a high score of 40 points as well as eight rebounds, eight assists, two steels, two blocks and only one turn in 38 minutes. Bryant set the tone early on and led the Lakers to the title in five games – their first championship in seven years.

NBA 2000 Final: Kobe dominates Indiana

First, a condition. In the second match of the 2000 final against the Indiana Pachers, Bryant only spent eight minutes due to an ankle injury. Years later, Pacers goalkeeper Jaylen Rose confessed that he had deliberately tripped Kobe in that infamous match, causing the star of the Lakers to miss most of the second and all three games.

At the fourth game, Kobe’s back and the kid took a shot. As a result, he played 47 minutes in overtime with a defective ankle and ended the game with 28 points on 14 of the 27 of the floor with four rebounds, five assists, one handle and two blocks.

Kobe came out with a big hand to prevent the Pacers from breaking the series 2-2 with game five in Indiana. Simply put, this performance was a complete demonstration of Kobe’s greatness.

Final NBA 2010: Kobe beats his demons

We’ve embellished it a bit because we present Kobe’s performance in the 2010 NBA finals as one of his most memorable, if not the most memorable, moments of the final. But we’re doing it for a good reason.

There was no better match for Bryant and the Lakers than their old rival, the Boston Celtics. A few years earlier, C Kobe and the company had toppled over, and this time the stage was set for Bryant to defeat his demons since 2008.

Kobe had a great run of 28.6 points, 8.0 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 2.1 steals. However, if we had to choose the best of this band, we would definitely see their performance in the 7th album. Play at the Staples Center. Will it be more than the 7th Framework Programme? Will I be in the NBA finals? Bryant, on the other hand, reinforced it when it mattered most.

His evening wasn’t so good, he had 6 out of 24 plates (the Celtics had a regular appearance in the defense). However, he reached the finals of the top 15 of his career, which proves how much he cared about W.

Bryant won the series fight, while the fifth and final title of his deserved career became the champion.

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