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Why is the hotel bed white?

Lifestyle Desk:The burden of finding people who are not in the hotel. But noticed, the hotel bed sheets and pillows are always white. But sometimes the question arises, why is it done? Maybe you think about this again! But no, there are logical reasons behind this.

Young Government, Professor of ‘House Keeping’ of the Indian Institute of Hotel Management (IHHM) Calcutta, said that in the beginning of the decade, the Westin Hotel Group has started using white pillow-towel at huge rates in their hotel rooms.

He also said that even in 1970-80, there were many white bars and pillows used in many popular hotels in Europe and America. However, at the beginning of 1990, Vice-President of Westin and Sheraton Hotel Design Department, Erin Hoover-E, suggested to use white sheets and pillows in hotel rooms.

Hoover argued that white sheets and pillows make the feeling of cleanliness in hotel guests. Gives mental satisfaction The use of this approach, according to Erin Hoover’s argument, increased business in Westin’s hotels. Hotels in Westin Hotels make it a place for guests’ favorite hotel list Afterwards, almost everyone started to follow this approach.

We all know, white color reflects much more light. So white sheets-pillow, the hotel’s rooms feel more bright due to the screen usage. Moreover, white sheets, pillows, dirt, all can be washed together.

In the case of any other color, there is a possibility of color from one color to another. So save the hotel using white sheets. Apart from that, the white color that looks good looks no further. As a result, Erin Hoover’s argument became acceptable to everyone.

It is not possible to change the wall color of hotel rooms frequently. And the color of the wall of the house does not look like bed linen or pillow color. Moreover, there are often thick colorful mattresses and pistils found in the screen. Making money is also costly. So, using white color sheets or pillars can solve these problems effortlessly.

Housekeeping professor Yuva Sarkar also said that the nominated hotel groups use white sheets or pillars to maintain the quality of their homes everywhere. Because the white-colored sheet-pillow or screen is relatively inexpensive and readily available.

In keeping with this ideology, this move by Erin Hoover made a radical change to the hotel business: ‘If you want to create exceptional things, perfect monitoring is also necessary.’ Hoover explained how little paint-pillow colors can affect the idea of ​​hotel business or hotel guests thinking. In more than 100 hotels at different corners of the world, such other details are kept in white color sheets and pillows. However, the arguments or explanations of Erin Hoover are most acceptable.

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